Thank you for taking the time to visit. On this website there is a collection of work that I have undertaken both in my career at Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) and independently. I hope you find all these pieces relevant and interesting. Should you wish to make any further enquiries you can email me at chris@chrisgirling.co.uk

I have been working in communications for the campaigning charity, Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) for over six years now.

For the first five years of my career at DMUK I was writing articles and using Adobe InDesign to create the charity’s national magazine, Disabled Motoring. I was also the lead on creating content for the website, social media and e-newsletters.

During the past year I have been Editor and sole content producer for the magazine while continuing to create online content. With the increase in workload this has brought, the design has had to be outsourced and I have taken on the role of Art Director to oversee the production of the magazine. This has given me great experience in working collaboratively and my knowledge of magazine production has continued to grow as a result.

Conducting car reviews is a major part of generating content for the magazine and as a passionate disabled motorist, this is a part of the job that I really enjoy. Another major part of my role at DMUK is attending public events on behalf of the charity. These include events such as Motability’s One Big Day and Big Event and independent living events such as Naidex. I have also been involved with the auditing of electric vehicle (EV) charging bays and meeting with potential corporate partners to promote the charity and create business opportunities.

Being part of a team that is devoted to accomplishing a common goal has always been an enjoyable part of my life. Further evidence of my ability to do this comes from my involvement in Premier League wheelchair basketball. I have also spent time coaching the lower levels of the sport. Doing this well takes a great deal of multi-tasking, leadership and pre-planning.