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Thank you for taking the time to visit. On this website there is a collection of work, some of which was undertaken as part of the degree and some otherwise. I hope you find all these pieces relevant and interesting. Should you wish to make any further enquiries you can email me at

Now that I have finished my BA in English with Cultural Studies, earning myself a final classification grade of 2:1, I am looking to progress into a career in the media, whether it is a position in film and television or advertising and copywriting. As you will be able to deduce from this site, my degree has most notably enhanced my abilities of creative writing and film criticism. However, one of my real desires lies in the making of film, I was introduced to the latter during my Media Studies A-level course, where I worked as part of a team to create a movie trailer, poster and press release. Although this confirmed my passion for the craft, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to develop these skills further. Finishing my degree has given me the time to begin this process independently, by writing and making a short biographical film called ‘The Lodger’. My second goal is to work in the advertising and copywriting profession. In order to give myself experience in this area I will soon be making my own advert, which will also be available on here following its completion. Up until now I have been keeping my creative writing skills sharp by continuing to write my own screenplay, and expanding my collection of short stories, but once again I am searching for the opportunity to apply these skills professionally.

Further evidence of being a team player, and therefore being able to work well in a group setting, comes from my involvement in premier league wheelchair basketball, and my coaching of the lower levels, which at times takes a great deal of multi-tasking, leadership and pre-planning.

The first piece on here is the short biographical film, ‘The Lodger’. Stylistically speaking, this piece was inspired by Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’. However the film strays away from Bennett’s format towards the end, when the setting changes slightly. A choice made to reinforce the restless nature of the character, as well as make the film more interesting from a cinematic point of view. Although the subject of ‘The Lodger’ dictates that the focus is on dialogue, the process of putting it on camera was a way to combine my two passions of creative writing and the cinema.

The short story, ‘A Waste of Love’ is a metaphorical piece based on a different aspect of ‘The Lodger’s’ life. The story has been structured using Frank O’Connor’s ‘Frontier Theory’, meaning the protagonist is faced with an internal boundary, and he/she either fails or succeeds in the quest to overcome that boundary.

The third piece is an essay in which I analyse and compare two poems by different authors, both concerned with the countryside. The aim of this essay is to uncover the deeper psychological meanings of these works.

The screenplay is a wholly original piece. When completed it will be a revenge movie, set against the backdrop of modern Middle Eastern warfare.

The Fifth piece is an essay on how Chris Offili uses pop-culture references and religious iconography, to convey his own message about consumer culture and it’s impact on society as a whole.

The Dr. Caligari essay is a close analysis of the German expressionist film, ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ discussing how the film examines the nation’s leadership under the Third Reich.